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Working process for a typical children's illustration project

Character Sketch
Layout Sketches

Usually, my process of making an illustration project for children is quite simple. As a first step when approaching a project theme, I always identify the images that may appear in the theme. Then, of course, frantically seek inspiration from documentary images.

Then sketch - sketch - sketch. Sketch everything I got from the materials. Sketch included the characters, layout, and colors until I combined all the elements into a final finished page.

The final synthesis step includes considering the content, illustrations and layout for the printed file. All the steps are succinct in a few words, but sometimes they take a long time to implement.

The last thing I want to say, sometimes the work process can be long and get in the way. But the result of a work process is like a labor medal for each person. Whether you achieve high or low title, it depends on your own work.

Color Page

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